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How to maintain the LCD TV at home? Several maintenance tips, practical and can extend the use of time

Almost every household has a LCD TV. Although smartphones can also watch news and variety shows, the atmosphere of watching TV is better. Now more and more TV functions want to extend its use time, we need more maintenance.

It's too fast to update a TV set, but it's expensive to replace a new one. Maintaining the TV properly will not only prevent us from watching it regularly, but also save our family a lot of money by prolonging the use of time. Now let's see how to maintain the TV set with Xiaobian.~

First, do a good job of cleaning
Every once in a while, we need to clean the TV set, especially if the screen is too stained, it will affect our normal viewing. When cleaning, it's better to use a special screen cleaning kit, so that it's cleaner and won't damage the screen.
If the TV set in the home is not often used, it can be covered with a protective cover to avoid dust entering the inside of the TV set.

2. Keep the TV drying
In addition, we also need to keep the dryness around the TV set. If it is too wet, it will easily lead to picture quality instability. Therefore, it is better not to put vases, fish tanks and other wet objects near the TV set.

3. Pull out the power supply
If the TV is not watching for a long time, it is better to unplug the power supply, because many people are accustomed to using remote control switch screen. At this time, the TV opportunity is in standby state, which not only consumes electricity for a long time, but also shortens the service life of the TV.