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How to Choose Intelligent TV? Four Step Easy


In the era of intellectualization, we tend to choose smart TV when we buy TV. Nowadays, many Internet brands have begun to build their own smart home brands, such as Huawei, millet, PPTV, etc. Facing the TV products with confused brands, various styles and different qualities on the market, it greatly increases the difficulty and confusion of consumers in choosing and purchasing. Don't worry, today we give Amway a super-detailed smart TV shopping skills, stand on the consumer's point of view to teach you the simplest way to choose smart TV, not only can you choose a suitable TV product, but also save a lot of money waste. Let's not say much. Next, let's see what we need to start with when we choose TV.

Size and panel
When choosing TV, the size and panel must be the primary consideration. The size of TV set is determined by the size of family area and viewing distance. Many people will reserve the size of TV wall and TV cabinet first when decorating, and decide in advance that they want to buy large-size TV. But when they buy large-size TV, they will find that it is not only expensive. And it is incompatible with the room, too far from the sofa to the TV, too close will affect the experience of watching movies, the choice of suitable size of the TV is very important.
Here we teach you a little trick to roughly estimate the size of TV for family use. The size of TV purchase is equal to the most suitable viewing distance multiplied by 17. For example, the sofa is 3 meters away from the TV placement. Then the recommended size of TV purchase is 50 inches. Oversized TV is expensive and harmful to the eyes. Watching TV pictures. Shake your head when facing. Of course, too small size TV and the whole home style will not be in harmony, can not highlight the temperament and style of the host home.
In addition to size, panel workmanship and technology are also important shopping points. TV costs mainly focus on screen quality and panel production, which directly affect the presentation of video pictures. For example, the 43VF4 model of PPTV smart TV 5 series is 43 inches in size. It is suitable for small apartments within 2.7 meters. The frame and bracket are very strong. The bright and black ultra-narrow frame has a wide screen view range, and the production is relatively fine. It can blend with the decoration style of the home.
Summary: TV size to choose the appropriate, not the bigger the better, remember the formula can easily determine the recommended size. Whether the panel workmanship is fine or not will affect the quality of the rendering, we should pay more attention when choosing and purchasing.