How to maintain the LCD TV at ...

Almost every household has a LCD TV. Although smartphones can also watch news and variety shows, the atmosphere of watching TV is better. Now more and more TV functions want to extend its use time, we need more maintenance.


Television is becoming more an...

First, how to identify the quality of television First, it depends on whether the display screen is hard screen or not. Whether the display screen is hard or soft is caused by the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules. Hard screen category has ADS screen and IPS screen, soft screen category has VA screen and TN screen. Generally speaking, the response speed of hard screen is faster than that of soft screen. For soft screen, the response speed of VA screen is slower than that of hard screen, and the color uniformity of the screen is poor. Especially when you use soft screen TV to surf the Internet, the text sharpening on the web page is too serious and looks blurred.


How to Choose Intelligent TV? ...

In the era of intellectualization, we tend to choose smart TV when we buy TV. Nowadays, many Internet brands have begun to build their own smart home brands, such as Huawei, millet, PPTV, etc. Facing the TV products with confused brands, various styles and different qualities on the market, it greatly increases the difficulty and confusion of consumers in choosing and purchasing. Don't worry, today we give Amway a super-detailed smart TV shopping skills, stand on the consumer's point of view to teach you the simplest way to choose smart TV, not only can you choose a suitable TV product, but also save a lot of money waste. Let's not say much. Next, let's see what we need to start with when we choose TV.